ORCA Token
The governing token of OrcaDAO and ultimately AVAI
The ORCA token is the big brother of the AVAI stablecoin, and is a governance token for the Orca DAO. ORCA is an ERC20 token, intended to make it's holders part owners of the DAO.
It's primary function will be governance and ownership of the DAO, meaning governance abilities including proposing, and voting on initiatives intended to better the health and direction of the DAO.
Contract Address: 0x8B1d98A91F853218ddbb066F20b8c63E782e2430

Receive Protocol Fees

The primary incentive for holding the ORCA token will be the reception of distributed revenue from ecosystem fees: Withdrawal, Repayment, and Stablecoin swap fees. Upon launch, this will be set to 40% of all fees collected, are distributed right back to the owners of the DAO. This will be conducted via an escrow-type deposit, similar to industry standards.

How will it be distributed?

The ORCA token will be distributed via PodLeader (MasterChef) contract, as well as through other community incentives that will be decided post-launch. More details contained on the Token Distribution page

How does voting work?

On the outset, the voting mechanism will take place using Snapshot, similar to many in the industry. Especially in a nascent state, it's important to use tools familiar to the community. This itself can be voted on at a later date by the DAO as needed.