Safety Measures
What has the OrcaDAO done to ensure financial security for you?


Our number one priority is to maintain the peg of AVAI as close to $1 USD as possible. Thus, the following safeguards have been implemented:
  • Debt Ceiling: Each Orca Bank has its own debt ceiling. This is the maximum amount of AVAI that can be borrowing from each Bank, reducing the potential of an hyper-borrowing events, such as via flash loans, as well as reducing any unknown exploits causing a large influx of AVAI into the market.
  • USD Exchange: The USD Exchange allows for a risk-free arbitrage opportunity in cases of massive sell offs or massive buys that drastically alter the price of AVAI on external exchanges. Read about the USD Exchange here.

Audit details

We will be conducting an audit as soon as possible post-launch. This project will still be in Beta stage until we are Audited and share that with the community. There are risks associated with any new technology, and while we have tried our best to mitigate these risks, unknown exploits may be present.
We have put the protocol through Slither source code analyzer and held considerable a community testing round prior to launch. We do invite anyone to review our github code for themselves prior to the audit's completion if there are hesitancies, as we are fully transparent there with the code base.

3rd party reviews and comments

These will be added on an ongoing basis as they are completed.

Future/ongoing plans

We plan to be audited multiple times, to ensure safety from multiple sources, as well as to increase the confidence the community can have in our protocol.