How to Withdraw/Repay
You won't be able to withdraw until you've already gone through the Deposit and Borrow functions, so please read that page for instructions on how to get here.

How to Repay

Once it's time to repay and withdraw your collateral, select Loans -> Repay
Scroll down and in the amount to repay, enter the amount you wish to repay. Note that you can repay partially or in full, your choice. If you feel your vault is a bit too close to the liquidation edge, you can repay it only somewhat, to get to a more comfortable LTV ratio. Repayment in full is used below.
After hitting Next, it will summarize your transactions:
After selecting Submit, your wallet will ask you to confirm the transaction and AVAX fee for executing the repayment transaction. You can select Confirm after reviewing the details. From there, the confirmation window will appear in the bottom corner of the page, and the rest of the page will update with the results of the transaction immediately.

How to Withdraw

Once funds have been repaid (whether partially or in full) - you can then withdraw the proportional amount of collateral that you would like to reclaim. Begin by setting up the page as follows: Collateral -> Withdraw
and enter the amount you'd like to withdraw, selecting next
And then submit:
Your wallet will then ask you to confirm the transaction. Upon confirming in the wallet, you will be met with the confirmation notification:
Both the page and your wallet should update immediately upon confirmation with the updated AVAX both in the vault, and now back into your wallet.