Why 'OrcaDAO', 'SeaFi Labs'?
A bit of background behind the name and meaning behind the protocol

Why OrcaDAO?

Pods of Orcas are highly intelligent, tight knit communities, akin to the one being fostered on Avalanche.
Orcas have a complex culture within their pods where lessons are learned and goals are achieved for the betterment of the pod. While there is a hierarchy based on size and age, all within the pod work and contribute with the goal of ensuring the needs of the pod are met, and beneficial behaviors are passed down and self-governed. Orcas are also incredibly stable and loyal to their pod. Seems like a healthy concept to build a governance community around, doesn't it?
The dorsal fin in particular provides stability, and steers the rest of the mammal. Under this premise of navigation, it is the focal point of our brand and ORCA token design, to guide and provide governing stability to AVAI and navigate OrcaDAO.
They are also a prime example of a species that have been affected in recent history by human action. Don't get it twisted - individual DeFi investors are NOT the main culprits of these actions, but with the success our community is seeing, let us automate a way that can lend a hand while remaining profitable.
The DAO is intended to be a self-governing unit, steered by ORCA holders. The larger your ORCA share, the larger your impact (via voting) to the rest of the Community/Pod.
Become a whale using OrcaDAO! 🔺🐳🔺

Who are SeaFi Labs

SeaFi Labs are the original creators of the OrcaDAO protocol. SeaFi was developed and named for a few reasons - the obvious SeaFi/DeFi wordplay to directly state our goal and passion for the concept and development of the Decentralized Finance industry.
More importantly, as explained on the OrcaDAO SeaFund page, this is in part a purposeful effort to incorporate the triple bottom line into our lives and passion. We share a passion for bettering the world around us, both traditionally with DeFi services and improving financial process, but also sustainably through charitable initiatives and giving back to the world we inhabit.
It can be difficult to do the right thing, and balance economic profitability with sustainable practices, but we intend to do our best to push and continue this conversation, and nudge crypto culture in a healthier long term direction by developing on an energy efficient platform, and highlighting and giving back to important organizations focused on restoring the Sea.