OrcaDAO SeaFund
Whales helping save Whales.

Triple Bottom Line

Pods of Orcas look after their own.
OrcaDAO was named with an important rationale behind the name: a purposeful effort to incorporate the Triple Bottom Line into our passion. While the entirety of this project is minimal on energy usage (A major reason for selecting Avalanche's Proof of Stake network), we hope to take that one step further, and move the needle with the sustainable focus.
We have a passion for bettering the world around us, both traditionally with DeFi services by improving financial process, but also sustainably through green initiatives and giving back to the world we inhabit.
To back this up, we have baked into all revenue generation processes a fixed allocation to give back to non-for-profit (NFP) initiatives focused on restoration, cleanup, or improvement of marine and ocean ecosystems. There will be a wallet set aside that will be focused only on receiving the percentage of funds, and donating them to these organizations.
It can be difficult to do the right thing and balance economic profitability with sustainable practices, but we intend to do our best to continue this conversation, and help nurture a crypto culture with a healthier long term direction.
As a success story that the broader public will see, this can bolster use cases for the platform, as well as combat the energy narrative currently afflicting Crypto.

How does this work?

There will be a 'Basket' of charities that can be changed by the community via the governance mechanism. SeaFi Labs has originally set the Basket to be 6 charities, that are selected to be geographically agnostic and known not to be bureaucratic, so there can be a maximized and tangible impact provided by our community.
Again, these are only the initial organizations selected by SeaFi Labs, and are subject to community change through the DAO voting mechanism. We propose an annual vote(s) from the community dedicated to:
  • Community election of new organizations, or removal of organizations not meeting expectations, ORCA token holders will be empowered to make a case to the rest of community to make their case for a project they are passionate for.
  • Expansion or contraction in the number of organizations included in the Basket. It is currently set to 6, but there is no limit or minimum number of charities (besides one, of course) that can be included.
  • *Ratifying the percentage of funds allocated to the Charity Basket. For launch, it is set to 15% (split between the 6 organizations, or 2.5% each).
*While all revenue distribution can be voted on by the community as the DAO evolves, percentage allocations are all subject to change. However, this is the one hard line drawn. The revenue allocated to the charity basket will be fixed to not fall under 10% of revenue generation.
Technically this will launch as a team and community-managed MultiSig wallet, which will transition to an automated solution for distributing in future development. Until organizations can directly accept crypto transactions or a more efficient solution is found by the DAO, the charity transactions will need be converted and donated manually. They will be processed quarterly, stored as PDF's and placed into the Github for full transparency and be included in our quarterly reports, published on Medium.

Currently Supported Organizations:

We highly encourage you to take a moment away from DYOR on DeFi products, including our own, and learn a bit more about the charities we've selected, their missions and objectives below, and gain an understanding of the help our community can lend:
An on the ground approach geared towards raising awareness and finding solutions to plastic pollution. By empowering Bahamians to contribute to hands on citizen science and environmental leadership, they aim to evolve mindsets and spark cultural practices that will be pivotal in executing changes at the policy level.
Dedicated to promoting ocean health and using science and technology to catalyze ocean policy. They specifically focus on threatened species conservation and marine protected areas, with a deep affinity for sharks.


Runs campaigns to win policy change proven to increase abundance and biodiversity, such as: stopping overfishing through the establishment of science-based catch limits, reducing bycatch, or the incidental catch of non-targeted animals, and protecting important marine habitat.
Dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches, specifically through initiatives in Plastic Reduction, Ocean Protection, Beach Access, Coastal Preservation, and Clean Water

Take 3

Runs social campaigns dedicated to raising awareness on the human impact of pollution, by recognizing the disconnection between plastic, designed to last forever, but utilized more often for single-use purposes . Take 3 pieces of rubbish with you when you leave the beach, waterway or anywhere, and you have made a difference.
Designing and developing cleanup systems to clean up what is already polluting our oceans and to intercept plastic on its way to the ocean via rivers. Their aim is to have removed 90% of floating ocean plastic by 2040. They plan to do this by cleaning up the legacy plastic - the plastic already floating in the ocean - and by “closing the tap” through river plastic interception.