Value Proposition
What gives OrcaDAO value to the DeFi community?


To the end user:

OrcaDAO allows DeFi users to further fund their investing goals, and self manage loans and risk. To put it as simply as possible, OrcaDAO is a vehicle that investors and yield farmers can use to make their current investments go further. Keep the investments you are already holding, and gain the extra liquidity to maximize overall portfolio profitability.
There are several functions that users could take advantage of in utilizing the application:
- Fully collateralized stablecoin solution: A transparent approach to ensuring that every coin borrowed is tangibly and fully backed up.
- 0% Interest Borrowing: Borrowing AVAI against your collateral with no burden of interest weighing down your decision making, and eliminating urgency to pay back loans on specific dates.
- Use it to eliminate other interest payments: Pay down existing high interest debt with the additional liquidity provided.
- No Minimum Amounts: Unlike other stablecoin solutions, there is no discrimination as to the minimum amount required to participate.
- Eliminate 'this or that?' decisions: If there is a token that you wish to keep, but additional token(s) you'd like to start a position on as well, rather than sell one token for the other, this enables you to retain the first token, but allows you that ability to use that asset to obtain both. For example if you have AVAX and want ETH exposure, you can store your AVAX in the vault, and use the loaned AVAI to purchase that ETH on an exchange.
- To Invest or to trade?: Using this solution, you can do both! Maintain your current holdings, and trade with the loan liquidity.
- Win-Win with the Earth: Peace of mind to know that your transactions are mutually beneficial to both yourself and the world outside DeFi, with your transactions contributing in small part to giving back to charitable endeavors to help restore the water systems we rely on.

To community projects

Community projects can use all of the benefits above for their endeavors too, but also will realize additional benefits:
- Healthier Avalanche ecosystem: with a native stablecoin, the overall Avalanche community doesn't need to rely on other chains or projects to port over their stablecoin solutions. This results in a benefit for the entire ecosystem as that risk is mitigated as Avalanche rounds out a robust overall offering. This will help increase user confidence in Avalanche, benefitting all projects within.
- Stablecoin swapping platforms: Will have an additional option available to use as a swapping pair.
- Vaults act as a reservoir: Reducing liquidity to improve engagement in platforms and stabilize pricing, due to reduced circulating supply and increased buying pressure.
- Exposure to a wider crypto audience: Two new potential pairings available with which to build additional offerings for their yield farms. Also by providing additional liquidity to DeFi users, many will be able to look to yield farms that otherwise wouldn't have been able to.